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The Automation Tool for On-boarding, Product Training, and Corporate Information

Thinking about training videos for your organization? There are many creative ways to incorporate video training into your current training process and one of the biggest benefits is automation.

Think of video training this way – It keeps you from have to repeat yourself over and over. There will always be that person who missed training or just didn’t get something, be it an employee or client. With a training video, you can send them the information, freeing you to get on with your day. Video also helps participants learn at their own pace with the opportunity to re-watch anything they may have missed.

Corporate training also reduces costs, as training can be time-consuming and costly. Video drastically reduces the planning and organization of in-person training. Corporate video can be used for on-boarding, product training, company announcements and news.

It allows you to easily connect and engage dispersed employees and clients no matter where they are located. Employees can access the training and course content from anywhere at any time. Whether they are at home, the office or another remote location, all they often need is an Internet connection.

Who wants to be on the road all the time. One of the biggest benefits of corporate video training is the reduction of travel. By investing in video training you are eliminating plane travel and time away from the office. Having video at your fingertips can also help connect your trainees to subject matter experts around the world without having to bring in experts. This not only reduces the costs, but also eliminates the headache of arranging travel. This is useful not just for employee training but when arranging product training in multiple branches and locations with clients.

There are many ways to go about training videos and I am sure you have a lot of questions. That is why we offer a free 30-minute Training Video Consultation.

In addition to the consultation – we offer a free ebook – Tips for Creating Effective Training Videos.

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Tips on Creating Effective Training Videos

Tips for Creating Training Videos

Interactive Training Solutions

Do you need to show large machines, equipment, industrial buildings or difficult to get to places?  Our Interactive Training solution combines still images, with 360 degree views, and video.  Making it easy to show how things work down in hard to reach places.

The images below are interactive – Click and Drag to move around. 

Interactive Machine Tours

360 Industrial Photography

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