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Product photography, take some time to think about it. Just take a look at all the product photography around you. I’d be surprised, if you’ve paid much attention to it, because it is so much a part of our world.

We are bombarded with product photography every day. As you drive down the highway, it’s on the billboards and sides of trucks. You turn on the TV – those 30 second commercials – after all, what are television commercials but a moving product photographs. Flip through your favorite magazine and you are hammered with it.

You’ll see beautiful work in some places. You’ll see mundane work in some places. And some really poor work in other places.

Based on the images of their products, what does it make you feel about the product? The organization? The brand? When you see poorly done images – does it make you want to buy the product? Does it make you trust the brand?

Ready for Product Images That Show the Value of Your Products?

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Our Process

Some people seem to think that you can pre-package product photography into a neat little package. It can’t, it should be as unique as you and your brand. This is why we don’t offer one size fits all solutions.

Product photography should always err on the side of simplicity. A lot of images these days are so complicated that it’s difficult to even understand what they’re trying to sell you. And so, as a driving force, one of the things we always do, is make sure that when we see the final image, it really defines what it is that you are trying to sell


Sometimes product photography is not about the product at all.


We start the process by asking the question, “What are you really trying to sell?” Think about it for a second – What are you really trying to sell? Are you always selling a physical product? Perhaps you are selling an emotion or idea that just happens to have a product attached to it. You might even be selling the way people to feel when using your product. Could even be the idea of who the product is for and how it fits into their life or makes their life better. Might even be how your product defines somebody’s identity.

The next step is to clearly define exactly what it is that you are looking for. We will discuss things such as, the number of images, background, layout, where and how the images will be used, the resolution that you require and if you want us to come to you or ship your items to us.

Using that information we will create a visual story plan, so that we understand what you are trying to achieve. Additionally, the visual story plan gives all of us a chance to visualize the shoot before it happens, and to pivot and make adjustments as necessary based on insights gleaned from the process. This results in better images that communicate your product more effectively.

Ready for Product Images That Show the Value of Your Products?

Common Questions


How do I get my products to you?

Products that can be shipped  you can ship them to the studio. We will provide the shipping address in an email.

When you send us your products, pick the best of the bunch, products that will represent the rest.

Depending on the value of the products, we recommend insuring the shipment and adding tracking. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. Please package well.

If a product is damaged when it arrives, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to send a replacement before we do the shoot. However, it’s always best to spend a little extra time and make sure your products are protected.

Do you travel onsite?

Yes, we are open to travel.  Products that cannot be shipped, this is the only way we can photograph them. Sometimes, depending on the number of products coming onsite is the best option.

What are my options for apparel images?

We have a lot of options, ranging from shooting the apparel flat or on a mannequin.  Also, we have several real models available.  Really, the sky is the limit.

What is the investment?

Cost is always on the top of everybody’s mind. The investment really depends on a number of factors, such as what all is involved in the shoot, location, and who appears in it. As examples. In any case, we really need to know what is required of us and what is not.

Ideally, it is great to have a budget number in mind and let us know what it is.  This way we can come up with options to stay within your budget.

For example, we have some clients that edit their own images after we produce them – as a way to cut costs. And some that come to us and say, I have a budget of X to shoot 30 items of apparel on a real model – how can we make it work?

Example Product Photography Images

It Is About Adding Value

Yes, We have a lot to offer and do a lot of neat things. With all the things we do, our primary purpose is to add value to your organization. When you take everything we do and how we do it, boil it all down, we are really in the business of helping others succeed.

How can we help you succeed?

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