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We believe the main purpose behind corporate headshots is to visually communicate a united team with a common direction. Think of it like going into a meeting as a team to pitch your services to new client. You want everybody on your team communicating the same message and everybody working together toward the same goal. This demonstrates to the client that your organization is in charge of your industry.

More first-time introductions are happening online, before the first face-to-face meeting even takes place. What are your images communicating to your potential clients?

When producing corporate headshots we think it is better to work with our clients to come up with a visual story plan before the first image is even made. This way we can not only learn more about what makes your organization unique and produce images that will help show that, but address any possible issues that may come up. Our main goal with the visual story plan is to make the image production process as painless as possible, so that it has the least amount of impact on your business day.

Corporate VS Professional headshots, what is the difference?

Corporate headshots are geared toward larger organizations, for producing images of your group with the common goal of visually communicating a cohesive team. While professional headshots are geared more toward individuals.

Like professional headshots, corporate headshots are done on location, and depending on the visual story plan or look your organization is going for, include lighting, background, and preview monitor. Many of our clients are amazed at the amount of equipment that is involved.

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