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We believe the main purpose behind food photography is to make someone hungry- truly salivating and eager to eat your food. Visual appeal is a major factor in what a person chooses to eat. It can convince a diner to order a dish, eat in your restaurant, or buy your recipe book

Using less-than-flattering pictures of your food can have a negative impact on your client’s appetite. To gain and keep the trust of your customers, every experience with your food needs to be a positive one, from the photos you use, to the menu descriptions, to the meals themselves. To achieve this, you must consistently present your food at its finest. Great photographs of your mouthwatering dishes are a good way to remind your customers of how hungry they are and what you can offer them. If you are a food lover, then there is nothing better than a beautifully-crafted food photo to really get your appetite going. If that appetizer, dessert or fancy cup of coffee looks like a must-have item – if your customers can almost taste it – they will be much more likely to buy it. It’s a simple fact – people eat with their eyes first.

Don’t believe me? Ask any good chef whether the presentation of the food is just as important as the taste.

With us the process starts with a strategy or a visual story plan. The visual story plan allows us to work together to craft a story that resonates with the purpose, meaning, and ideas behind your food. Why is this important? The plan ensures that we understand what you are trying to achieve, and that the images produced are in-line with your brand. Additionally, the visual story plan gives all of us a chance to visualize the shoot before it happens, and to pivot and make adjustments as necessary based on insights gleaned from the process. This results in better images that communicates your food more effectively

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