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While other people just take what is there - we make your story.

You are at the point you want some video or photography produced for advertising or marketing. But you are just not really sure – you want something, but you don’t know really what it is. Perhaps, you are not 100% sure what your story is? or even how to tell it? Feeling confused by all the warm fuzzy stuff you have been reading telling you how your story should be? Or still scratching your head about “being authentic?”

When you invest in a consultation with us you will get clarity and come away with a clear direction and purpose.

I will warn you up front – our consulting service is NOT for the organizations that want to be just like everybody else. If you want to continue to be the generic cog – cookie cutter – and want to continue with the same boring advertising and marketing everybody else is doing. This is not for you.

What does it mean to be a cog? It means you only show what is physically there. Perhaps in your marketing you just show an image of the outside of your business or maybe an inside shot. For Yelp and Google this might be OK, but for your marketing and advertising – you need to step it up.

Here is an example of just those images.

Ok, so you have a nice image of your business and one on the inside. What does that tell me about your business…. Quick. Timer is ticking. You have less than a few seconds to catch the eye of a viewer. Buzzzzz time is up.

What you have told me is nothing – other than it is a business, in this case a restaurant. You have a dining room, stage and outside seating. You are not telling me a story – you are not showing me what you are about. In the eyes of the viewer – What you are saying is that you are just like every other restaurant. That is boring.

Turning things up a few clicks. You see this.

You see two people enjoying being together and eating at a restaurant. Now you are telling me a story. You are showing me what you are about. In the eyes of a viewer – Now that looks like a place I can take my wife on date night. That is a place I can feel good about taking a date. I want to know more!

A great image tells a story. A great advertising or marketing image exists to plant a seed in the mind of somebody else.

In order to plant the seed, the viewer must identify with the story and see themselves in it. Once you understand that story exists beyond that of what you can see, the world opens up with ways to position yourself – not only for retail businesses, but products and ideas.

A word about being authentic.

This question always comes up, is this being authentic. First being authentic is a fabrication in its own self. Second, yes it is authentic, as long as you live up to the story or message you are telling. If you fail to live up to it or can’t live up to it that is being un-authentic. Doing what you say you will do – that is being authentic.

What do you think?

If at this point you are like, NO! this voodoo is not for me. I don’t want to plant nothing in nobody. Then thanks for stopping by – once you leave here you will continue to go down the road of the cog and complaining about how your marketing isn’t working. We know where that road goes.

On the other hand, if you are saying yes I need a change. Let’s connect and start the ball rolling with better video and photography stories for your marketing and advertising.

It Is About Adding Value

Yes, We have a lot to offer and do a lot of neat things. With all the things we do, our primary purpose is to add value to your organization. When you take everything we do and how we do it, boil it all down, we are really in the business of helping others succeed.

How can we help you succeed?

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