Where to Start on a Training Video

Training videos are a great way to save time by not having to repeat yourself.  When producing training videos one of the questions that always comes up is, “so where do we start?”

Producing a training video starts by asking the right questions, because great video is not just something that happens.  It takes time and planning to ensure a successful video.

When thinking about a having a training video produced, some questions to start thinking about are:

  • What are the training learning goals? What do you want the viewer to take away from the training video? It is best to narrow down the video to one single goal.  For example – After watching the video I want the viewer to come away with the importance of properly wearing an arc flash back suit.  If you have several goals, break the video up into a series.
  • Who is the video for? Will it be used for internal training only or will clients see the video also? This might not seem like an important question – but if the video will be used for client training outside the company, you should ask the marketing team for their input on the video. Because I am sure they have a brand book, colors, fonts, and other guidelines they would want to stick to.
  • Do you have a current training outline? Over time products and information changes, make sure you have the most current information available.
  • What is your time line for having the video produced?
  • Do you have a script? A script is very important, so that you relay the correct information and don’t miss anything important.  Trust me on this one – you need a script – it makes the whole production go smoothly.  Generating a script can be a long process, but we have some tools that will help you get it done quickly.
  • Where and when are we going to shoot the video? Location is important – can we get easy access to that location? Will the equipment that will be shown be available?  Is it a loud environment?  If shooting outside, is there an alternate location in case of bad weather?  Is there a company event going on that might cause issues?  Does it involve multiple locations?  Are there any restrictions for filming or trade secrets that should not be shown?  Can we take a look at the locations beforehand to get an idea of the lighting?
  • Is the location safe? Is there special training the video crew needs to go through? What are the dangers we should be aware of? It is just helpful to know – I have been on locations that require training on how to don a gas mask in the event that something goes wrong.  Safety is a top priority.
  • When can we do a practice run though? Practice makes perfect and gives everybody the chance to review and make any adjustments before the final production day.
  • What is the budget? It is best to work out a budget.  Training videos can become costly depending on what options you want, for example if you want actors to deliver the dialog instead of having one of your trainers do it.

Those are just some of the questions that I have found helpful to ask before the production planning starts.  Many of the questions I ask will depend on your situation. The purpose of the questions is to gain information, not put you under the spot light.

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Tips on Creating Effective Training Videos

Tips for Creating Training Videos

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