Visual Integrity Studios is a photography and video production company located in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  Not only do we service the RTP area, but we are also open to travel.

What Is Our Big Idea!

Explore – Ignite Passion – Create Awesomeness – Share the things that inspire.

We help organizations driven by passion and purpose, share that things that inspire them, through Video, Photography and Interactive Media.
This helps them grow their people, their profits, and their social impact.

Why Are We Different

 Images and Video Need Designed Around Purpose – We do more than just deliver something pretty. 

Visual Integrity Studios is more than just a video and photography organization that comes in with not only the right equipment and know how, but can help you find, sharpen, and create your compelling story.

Many of our clients comes to us with a general idea of what they are looking for and other times they are stuck. We help them create a story with images that shows what their brand is about. Great images and video are not just taken, they are made by planning and pre-visualizations. Boiling down ideas and concepts so they tell a story. What do you want people to think; to feel about you? What seed do you want to plant? What story do you want it to tell?

The images and video are designed to mean something; they have purpose. So, if you are tired of the amateurs that just take an image, leaving you wanting more. Connect with us, because images that are made to tell a story will trump something that just happens – anytime.

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