360 Interactive Machine Tours

For Those Who Are Looking to Train, Market, and Support the Machines They Make

What is a 360 Interactive Machine Tour? It is a custom created tool that where you or your clients will visually interact with the machines you produce. For example – your customer support technicians, or corporate trainers can show a client where and how to access a certain part located on a piece of equipment, how and where a part is installed and maintained, or show key information on machine operations are just some of the examples of what interactive machine tours can be used for.

Organizational Value

Time savings –  as you don’t have to track down equipment, typically older equipment. Key information can be embedded into the tour to allow quick access, such as videos, links to documents and other information. You have the option of sharing the tour with clients.

360 Interactive Machine Tours Usages

  • Customer Support
  • Training Resource
  • Maintenance Resource
  • Documentation
  • Marketing
  • Process Control

Just to name a few.

What We Provide

We work with you to determine the need and usage and come up with a production plan. Using the plan we produce the images, video and other items that are required. The tour is assembled and delivered in a easy to deploy package – that can be installed on an internal web server or public web server if you wish to grant client access.

The tours can also be used offline without and internet connect, and downloaded to PCs, Tablets, and Smart Phones.

360 Interactive Machine Tour Examples

360 Interactive Machine Tours

360 Views in Tight Places – Engine Compartment

{The Image Below is Interactive Click and Drag to Look Around}

360 Interactive Machine Tours

360 Interactive Cab Views

{The Image Below is Interactive Click and Drag to Look Around}

360 Interactive Cab View

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