Visual Creations That Amplify Your Marketing Message

Visual Integrity Studios Empowers You to Go Further, Faster and Accomplish More Through Professional Photography and Video


When it comes to video – We provide the resources to help you create and tell your story.

Perhaps you are not really looking to make a TV commercial and you are definitively not looking to make a movie. So, how can you use video to benefit your business?

There are many other uses for video than just commercials – video can be used as :

  • A marketing and sales tool – customer video testimonials or even business proposals.
  • A training tool – just imagine the time you will save not having to explain how to do something to every new employee – over and over again.

Video can :

  • Drive traffic to your website – With YouTube and search.
  • Engage visitors on your website – By embedding your video into website landing pages.
  • Engage potential and/or existing clients – By adding video to your emails and e-newsletters.
  • Enhance blog postings – Some people will watch a video before reading.
  • Explain an idea…

 and the list goes on.

The possibilities for using video in your business are endless and the nice thing is – you don’t need anything close to a budget of a super bowl commercial to do it.


When it comes to photography – We provide the experience and resources that not only makes you look great but helps you standout. 

Are you concerned about how your products, your space, your food, your staff and even yourself appears online or in print? We also provide photography production services such as product, food and headshots, that will show you and what you do at it’s best.

But what if you are looking for something more a little more unique when it comes to product photography? What if you could put your product in the hands of your clients from your website or bring them to a place, allowing them to look around?

Our 360 Product View Photography is a virtual in store shopping experience – that is like holding a product. Not only does it look unique, but it also allows you to aid clients in their buying decision by allowing them to view the features that are important to them.

Our 360 View Photography is the closes thing to being there. Through your website, you could take clients to the home you just built – the office that you are renting, the car your are selling or your limo that you rent. Clients can look around, move within the space and even interact with objects within the space.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you on your next video or photography project.


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